Who is to blame? People are always looking to place the blame and make that one or that group responsible for everything wrong in the world. Well I got some news for you! The one is to blame is…ME! and YOU and everyone else that reads this and everyone who does not! It’s all of us; we allow these things to happen, so we are all to blame for high taxes, bad roads, too much traffic, high gas prices, etc. If we wanted lower taxes, we would vote in someone that would lower taxes, else next year, out they go and try someone new. If people didn’t like waiting in traffic jams, someone would be elected that would fix the problem. If people didn’t like high gas prices, they wouldn’t drive these gus guzzlers. We must really like this stuff; at what point do we get up off our lazy butts and actually do something about it? What does it take for a reasonable person to stop what they are doing, take notice of what is going on around them, and act appropriatly?